MWCC’s new membership rates are as follows

No Category One year (in INR) Life Time Member(in INR)
1 Student 200 -
2 Individual 300 5000
3 Couple 500 -
4 Family 700 -
5 Institute 1000 -
6 Overseas 1000 5000

•  MWCC offers various types of memberships for student, individual, couple, family and institute for 1 year.

•  Student membership requires a Bonafide certificate from school/ college.

•  Members get seasonal discount in nature camps, birding tours, publications and souvenirs when arranged and/or published in future.

•  Don’t miss this opportunity to live a natural life.

•  Please contact us at 9824822855 if you find any difficulties.

•  MWCC will remain flexible if you change your mind and want to upgrade membership.

•  Member gets an E-calendar (for next five years).

•  We are also planning to give Mokarsagar Diary an annual Newslatter free of cost to every member.

Application for membership with mokarsagar