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Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) 2015 at Porbandar

Wetland International co-ordinates the AWC. The AWC runs parallel to other International census in Africa, Europe, and Neotropics under the umbrella of the International Waterbird Census (IWC). Every year, AWC is conducted by birdwatchers. As per the National Wetland Atlas of Gujarat, Porbandar has 226 satellite wetlands, out of which the important wetlands were studied during AWC.

Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST), Gandhinagar recognised and Shri Satsang Shiksha Parishad managed, Shree Sahajanand Swami District Community Science Centre (SSDCSC)- Porbandar in the collaboration with Porbandar Forest Division- Porbandar, Indian Coastguard, Porbandar, Green Wildlife Conservation Society and Mokarsagar Wetland Conservation Committee organised Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) on 1st February- 2015.
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Sagar Sangathi


Pink Celebration 2016


Bird`s Photography at Barda Sanctuary.


Mokarsagar Wildlife Sanctuary?

 Locals have proposed the wetland as Sanctuary 


Recreational activities at Mokarsagar

We strongly oppose such activities at Mokarsagar wetland as these may turn a wetland to public spot. Such activities can be further promoted near Rangbai.